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We are an ERP Solutions provider company right from ERP Selection to ERP Live. We provide ERP services worldwide. We are engaged in providing management and software consultancy as well as implementing ERP Solutions. The ERP utilization should have been well received and rank high in meeting user expectations. We specialized and expert in Customized ERP Solutions.

Industry Specific ERP Methodology:

ERP systems for large corporations are often built from the ground up to suit the organization's specific and unique needs. We do follow standard process like Business Analysis, Requirement Specification Analysis, Define Internal Team and Method of Implementation, Gathering User Expectation and Freezing the scope of work before actual implementation of Industry Specific ERP.

Small Business ERP:

Though ERP systems can cover everything from supply chain management to accounting solutions as well as customer relations management, your business may not need to automate all these functions. We offer scaled-down models at a lower, more cost-effective price. For a small business, an off-the-shelf model will work fine. Most are grouped into major categories like MSME companies, Contract manufacturing, service providers like TPA, resellers and logistics based companies.

Benefits of ERP:

• Centralized data is secure and easy to backup
• Updates can be made quickly and easily
• Information is accessible to a user anywhere in the world
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Lower costs

ERP Solution

ORION ERP (by 3i infotech)

Orion ERP is exclusively designed for the purpose of integrating diverse functions, processes and systems of an enterprise smoothly thus enabling businesses to attain better insights and control different business operations through a single application. Our team of Orion ERP experts with decades of experience helping clients achieve better control of their business operation.

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ERPNext is a simple, powerful and comprehensive ERP Solution which is affordable, easy to use, and can be hosted on cloud or on premises. Bulit for small and medium businesses, it is PERFECT for GROWING COMPANIES.

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